VLCC Active Fruits Damage Repair Body Lotion Review Photos Price

I am going to share my experience on VLCC Active Fruits Damage Repair Body Lotion. Moisturizing holds topmost priority in skin care. It helps in maintaining the protective barrier of the skin and prevents dryness, scaly skin, roughness and premature ageing. VLCC Active Fruits Damage Repair Body Lotion Review Photos Price

Along with moisturizing, protecting the skin from harmful effects of sun rays is equally important. A moisturizer and a sunscreen should be your staple products for body care. I am not a fan of adding layers of moisturizer and sunscreen during the humid summer months.

So, I buy body lotions with SPF. This summer VLCC Pomegranate + Argan oil + SPF 30 + Shea butter moisturizer caught my eye. Here’s what I feel about this body lotion.

About VLCC Active Fruits Damage Repair Body Lotion

VLCC Active Fruits Damage Repair Body Lotion is an oil infused lotion. It deeply hydrates the skin & leaves it completely soft & supple. SPF 30 PA +++ Formula protects against damage due to harmful UVA & UVB sun radiations.

Packaging: This body lotion comes in a pale pink bottle with flip-top cap. The bottle also has screw open system; great for reusing the empty bottle. The tall and sleek bottle is ergonomic and travel-friendly.

The sturdy cap prevents product leakage completely. VLCC mentions all their product ingredients fully. This lotion too comes with detailed ingredients list.

Colour & Consistency: The lotion is pale pink in colour but looks almost white. The texture is creamy and blendable. It contains sunscreen which leaves a slight white cast.

The formula is moisturizing. More moisturizing than regular summer body lotions but not comparable to thick winter body creams.

Fragrance: The fragrance is a little unique. The pomegranate fragrance is quite evident in the smell. There is a light floral note as well.

The smell reminds me of pomegranate flavoured candy. The scent is not strong and goes off in 10-20 minutes.VLCC Active Fruits Damage Repair Body Lotion Review Photos Price

Quantity & Price: This body lotion is priced at Rs.135 for 100ml. It also has a bigger size but this 100ml size is readily available both online and offline.

This body lotion has added benefits of broad spectrum sun protection. Considering this, the price seems okay. Sometimes VLCC runs percentage discount or buy 1 get 1 offer on this. 

My Overall Thoughts:

My body skin type is normal. I don’t have body acne issues. So, I can easily try varieties of body care products. Coming to the performance of this body lotion, this is a nourishing lotion for the normal to dry skin people.

I apply it immediately after shower and my skin stays moist for at least 5-6 hours. I love fruity fragrances so this pomegranate scented body lotion won my heart. This lotion comes with SPF 30 and PA+++. For a body lotion, the sun protection is quite high.

This SPF lotion is basically a chemical sunscreen. That means it has certain sun protection providing chemicals like oxybenzone. My facial skin reacts with this but my body skin has no such issue. However, this lotion leaves a cast on skin.

It stains my clothes badly so I apply this sunscreen body lotion only to some limited body parts like hands and legs. Though the formula is paraben free, it still contains lots of questionable chemicals like mineral oil, silicone, oxybenzone and perfume.

Rating: 2.5/5

*Written By Sreeparna


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