Virgo Daily Horoscope

March 14, 2020

Trust your gut, Virgo! You may get a signal from the universe about a loved one on Saturday, as the sensitive moon forms a clairvoyant trine with soothsayer Chiron. If your intuition tells you that this person is struggling, reach out to offer support or check in. Don’t wait for the phone to ring or ping. It’s possible they’re feeling shy about broaching a touchy topic. Listen with compassion if a friend or family member needs to vent. Your words of encouragement could seriously lift their spirits and help them pull through. Crossed wires could result in an unfortunate misunderstanding on Sunday, as the moon forms a confounding alignment with foggy Neptune. Conflict could erupt with your current love interest over an unexpected issue that’s been brewing behind the scenes. Or, a miscommunication with your bestie could push the two of you into battle. Family members could also be triggering during this transit, so steer clear of any dramatic relatives. Try to de-escalate tense situations as soon as possible. Diplomatic dialogues will get you a lot further than full-blown shouting matches.

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