Vaseline Healthy Bright Daily Brightening Even Tone Lotion Review

I wanted to try out the improved formula. I have used Vaseline Healthy Bright Daily Brightening Even Tone Lotion in the past but the new formula felt even better. Let’s read on to find out more on this lotion. Vaseline Healthy Bright Daily Brightening Even Tone Lotion Review

Days of extreme winter dryness has gone and spring is peeking through he edge now. My skin becomes really dry in winter so I need heavy moisturizers. As the weather is becoming humid again so the thick winter body butters are feeling a bit greasy.

I was looking for a light and summer-friendly body moisturizer and that’s why I got this Vaseline Healthy Bright Daily Brightening Even Tone Lotion. Vaseline’s lotion range is among my favourites.

The range is wide so there is at least one product for every skin type. Vaseline has recently relaunched the improved versions of their existing body lotion range.

About Vaseline Healthy Bright Daily Brightening Even Tone Lotion

Vaseline Healthy Bright Daily Brightening Body Lotion is a brightening lotion that helps heal dry damaged skin and restores for naturally glowing skin in 2 weeks. 


1. Enriched with microdroplets of Vaseline jelly, this skin lightening lotion helps heal dry skin and makes it look fairer

2. Contains vitamin B3 that helps skin look fairer by inhibiting melanin transfer and production

3. Triple sunscreens help protect fairness from further darkening and sun damage

4. Suitable for daily fairness, uneven tone, dry and damaged skin, dull skin

5. Fast absorbing and non-greasy

Vaseline Healthy Bright Daily Brightening Even Tone Lotion Review

Packaging: It comes in a baby pink plastic bottle with plastic pump dispenser. This is available in 3 sizes. I got the biggest family pack. This one has pump packaging but the smaller travel sizes come with flip-top caps. I have got the home-use pack so this bulky one is not very travel-friendly.

The smaller sizes are very compact and easy to travel with. Recently Vaseline has improved the packaging and product. The pumps of older versions were kind of flimsy but the new one’s pump is quite strong. It won’t break or malfunction like the previous ones. 

Colour & Consistency: The lotion is pale pink in colour and has medium consistency. It is neither very thick not runny. The formula is fast absorbing so it doesn’t take long to seep into the skin. The non-greasy formula does not leave any sticky residue. Once it gots absorbed, you can’t even feel there is something on your skin.

Fragrance: It has a light floral fragrance. The smell is not overpowering. The fragrance has a powdery fresh edge to it. It is somehow similar to Pond’s dream flower talcum powder. The smell does not linger long. It goes off within 10-15 minutes; just a faint hint remains on my clothes for an hour or so. 

Quantity & Price: It comes in various sizes. I have bought the biggest one for Rs.345. It holds 400ml product. The smaller versions are priced according to their size. The smallest costs Rs.95 for 100ml and the medium one comes for Rs.210 containing 200ml. Vaseline products are always economical.

This particular lotion is not an exception to it as well. These lotions sell for even lesser at online sales. Do check out for good deals on it.Vaseline Healthy Bright Daily Brightening Even Tone Lotion Review

My Overall Thoughts:

Vaseline’s Healthy Bright is a light body lotion with non-greasy texture. Everyone should include such a basic body moisturizer in their summer care skin routine. It is a niacinamide based body lotion for normal skin. It also contains Vaseline’s patented petrolatum jelly. I apply it immediately after shower when my skin is still damp.

I don’t need to wait for the lotion to dry. I find it very convenient for my busy daily schedule. Without body moisturizer my skin feels slightly stretchy in summer. This lotion relieves my skin from that dry feel. It keeps my skin moisturized for the day without causing excess sweat. Though this lotion claims it contains ‘triple sunscreen’, there is no SPF mentioned in the pack.

So, I don’t use it as sunscreen. It gives an instant brightening effect to the skin. However, there is no change in skin tone as promised in the claims. The formula might feel lacking in dry winter weather. Overall, it’s a soothing ans skin softening moisturizer for all skin types in summer.

Rating: 4.5/5

*Written By Sreeparna


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