The Face Shop Daily Perfumed Hand Cream Berry Mix Review

I am going to talk about The Face Shop Daily Perfumed Hand Cream Berry Mix.The Face Shop Daily Perfumed Hand Cream Berry Mix Review

Keeping our hands clean comes under basic hygiene. But, frequent use of hand creams and soaps leave the delicate hand skin feeling dry and dehydrated. Our hands have no oil glands like the face.

Naturally, applying moisturizing products is the only way to keep your hands baby soft. I can’t use fragrant products for my facial skin due to acne issues so I make it a point to buy hand creams with pleasant fragrance.

The Face Shop’s hand cream range had so many fragrance variants that I could control no more and picked the Berry Mix one. Here’s how this hand cream fared on me.The Face Shop Daily Perfumed Hand Cream Berry Mix Review

About The Face Shop Daily Perfumed Hand Cream Berry Mix 

Face Shop Daily Perfumed Hand Cream Berry Mix is a hand moisturizer that can be conveniently used according to your mood. This sensational hand cream is all you need to keep those heads turning!

Enriched with the goodness of berries, this formula is born with a gorgeous whiff of perfume that leaves your hands super attractive. 


1. Enriched with rich essentials to help achieve smooth and healthy hands

2. This product is dermatologically tested.

3. Created to give you a gorgeous Korean beauty experience

Packaging: This hand cream comes in a white sleek tube. It has a small black screw cap. The cap is so small that I often lose it while using! The packaging is very compact and it fits each of my purses.

I have become a fan of this tiny tube. Coming to the details part, the tube mentions ingredients in detail. You’ll get to know your product from it. The packaging is leak-proof and user-friendly. I like such fuss-free packagings.

Colour & Consistency: This The Face Shop handcream is white in colour. Its consistency is medium; neither thick like cold creams nor runny. The cream feels light on skin.

It gets absorbed quickly and provides moderate amount of nourishment. This is not something that makes you leave fingerprints everywhere. For day time use, this is a perfect consistency.

Fragrance: The cream has very light fragrance. The smell is a soothing mix between floral and berry fragrance. It is not very strong smell and lasts for 15-20 minutes only. I like the fragrance.

I expected a little strong berry fragrance like fresh strawberry etc. but sadly this handcream doesn’t have that fruity side to the smell. If you love lightly fragrant products you’ll definitely enjoy this.The Face Shop Daily Perfumed Hand Cream Berry Mix Review

Quantity & Price: This 30ml tube of handcream comes for Rs.300. Apart from the 30ml size, there are no more sizes available for this hand cream. This one has occasional discounts; you may get it around Rs.210.

This is definitely a pricy product for budget-friendly skin care lovers. Luxe hand creams generally cost arond Rs.300. Considering that, this one is comparable to The Body Shop and Innisfree handcreams. 

My Overall Thoughts: 

The Face Shop’s Berry Mix hand cream is basically a lightweight handcream that you will find useful during the summer months. I have sweaty hands but still this one works nice on me in humid weather.

The formula is very comfortable. It does not sit on top of my skin causing greasiness. It gets absorbed leaving a slight nourishing feel to the skin. The formula feels a bit lacking in the dry months of winter though.

I need to use extra product in winter so the tube gets over quickly. I have tried various hands creams from both budget-friendly and luxe brands. Among the budget friendly ones I liked Khadi, Nivea and my all time favourite luxe hand creams are from The Body Shop and Marks & Spencers.

Performance wise, this is an above average product. I won’t say its a value for money product. It makes the hands moisturized and soft but does not make hard scaly palms baby soft. When you are spending Rs.300 for only 30ml product, you expect something extra.

Rating: 3/5

*Written By Sreeparna


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