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Love, lust, lasciviousness: It may be hard to know the difference on Wednesday, June 3, as the heat-giving Sun hooks up with vixen Venus in your eighth house of seduction and soul-bonding. True, this planetary pairing is happening in cerebral Gemini (so certain people may be more talk than action), but even the conversations could send your pulse racing! And it isn’t mere itch-scratching you’re after, either. Nothing short of deep, intimate merging will do the trick now. If you’re in a relationship, give yourself over to focused one-on-one time for as much of the day as possible, clearing out any non-obligatory distractions this evening. If there’s something a little vulnerable you’ve wanted to share—at the “right” moment—this could be it. Just getting a new connection off the ground? Stay open to possibilities, because things could shift in a heartbeat. Single? This is a good day to get a clear picture of the qualities you’re looking for in a partner. Depending on how you visualize best, either write this down in your journal or start a vision board to power up your intentions—this is where the manifesting begins!

You could get cosmic feedback on your romantic designs earlier on Wednesday (Tuesday evening, to be exact) as cosmic lovers Venus and Mars collide in a tense 90-degree square in your most passionate chart sectors. (This is why “clarity” is so important!) Testosterone-fueled Mars is pulsating through Pisces and your passion center, and he could try to advance an agenda slightly different from tender Venus’. With a partner, one of you may be more “in the mood” than the other, or if you’re newly dating someone, they might not be as available as you’d like (even if that’s virtually-speaking). Watch that you don’t come on too strong (whoa, Mars!) or too coy (the retrograde shade of Venus). Here’s a thought: Don’t play games at ALL, and just express your interest or desires playfully instead of forcefully.

Your financial stimulus package arrives with Friday’s Sagittarius full moon—the only one of 2020 as well as a lunar eclipse, the first in a two-year eclipse series on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis—as la luna powers up your second house of money and security. No matter how your work or income was affected by the virus, you’re sure to welcome this expansive lunar lift with open arms! It’s not like money is going to fall out of the sky, but this empowering energy can usher in opportunities where just a week ago you saw nothing new on the horizon. Eclipses bring things out of the shadows, and something that was “hiding in plain sight” may be revealed. Because the moon is in an action-oriented fire sign, its message is to be proactive and not wait for people to find you. Let potential employers or clients know you’re open for business—and eager to discuss THEIRS with them! This is a perfect two-week period to tweak your resume and online profiles and start spreading the news.

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