Parachute Advanced Coconut Creme Oil Review Photos Price

Today I will be sharing my views on Parachute Advanced Coconut Creme Oil. Parachute’s pure coconut oil, jasmine infused oil and their new aloe vera oil worked for my hair so this time I opted for their Pre-wash Hair Nourisher Creme Oil. Parachute Advanced Coconut Creme Oil Review Photos Price

I mostly use coconut oil for overnight oiling treatment or hot oil treatment on my hair. Sometimes the same old coconut oil feels boring and I tend to skip hair oiling as a result.

In the past few years, various brands have been launching instant hair oil replacement products. They promise metter absorption of nutrients, smooth and shiny hair, no breakage etc.

I always look for these things when I buy something for my hair.Let’s read on to find how this product works.Parachute Advanced Coconut Creme Oil Review Photos Price

About Parachute Advanced Coconut Creme Oil

Parachute Advanced Coconut Creme Oil is a pre-wash hair nourisher in a new crème oil format that blends the softness of coconut milk and strength of coconut oil.

Crème Oil is so easy and convenient to use that It gives your hair 100% nourishment in just 30 minutes and makes hair super soft and strong. It has a light, velvety texture that is absorbed into the scalp and hair fairly quickly.

Packaging: It comes in a tall pump bottle. The packaging is colour-toned in off-white and gold. The packaging has an attractive side to it. On the back side, you’ll find a detailed pictorial how-to, the claims and complete ingredients list.

The packaging is sturdy and leakage-free but I can’t call it travel-safe because the pump can’t be resealed. Parachute Advanced Coconut Creme Oil Review Photos Price

Colour & Consistency: This is a medium density oily cream like product for hair. It is off white in colour; very similar to the off-white colour used in the packaging. This cream needs to be applied on dry hair for 30 minutes before washing the hair.

It is basically a coconut milk and coconut oil based pre shampoo hair nourisher which has silicones as smoothening agent.

Fragrance: This hair cream has coconut oil fragrance mixed with light floral scent. The scent smells nice and sweet. Though this product does not have overpowring scent but it is artificial. A faint hint of the fragrance remains on the hair for 4-5 hours.

Quantity & Price: This Pre-Wash Hair Nourisher from Parachute costs Rs.120 for 150ml. Quantity wise, the price seems okay You can even availa good discount at online stores.

I think it also has a smaller size but the small pack is rarely available both online and offline.

My Overall Thoughts:

I always look for people’s experience both online and offline before investing in skin and hair care products. I did an impulse buy on this and now I am regreting my purchase. I thought this must be a coconut cream based rejuvenating hair cream that instantly nourishes the hair strands.

But, Parachute Advanced Coconut Creme Oil turned out to be a coconut oil and silicone oil based artificially fragrant oil-cream with paraben. The watery part of this cream gives a hydrating feel to dry and rough hair.

Coconut oil nourishes the hair and dry oil of silicone creates a greasy cast over all over the hair and scalp. Though this product says it needs to be applied on scalp.

I would never advise it. The silicone clogs the pores of scalp and causes heavy build up. I needed a deep clarifying shampoo to wash this off. So, the nourishment effect provided by this creme oil vanished while washing my hair. In my opinion, this is not a replacement for hair oils.

Rating: 1/5

*Written By Sreeparna


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