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It is not possible for me to prepare the homemade aloe oil everytime I oil my hair. So, I bought Parachute Advanced Aloe Vera Enriched Coconut Hair Oil instead. Here’s my take on this hair oil.Parachute Advanced Aloe Vera Enriched Coconut Hair Oil Review

My relationship with coconut oil has always been great. I don’t know why I get so much hair fall whenever I am using almond oil but coconut oil works great in supplying nourishment to my already dry hair. I have wavy-curly hair. Naturally my hair is dry and gets damaged easily.

I have been trying to boost the growth of my hair and that’s why I started using Parachute Advanced Aloe Vera Enriched Coconut Hair Oil. Aloe vera and coconut oil combination does wonders to my hair.

About Parachute Advanced Aloe Vera Enriched Coconut Hair Oil

Combining the goodness of coconut with the magic of Aloe Vera, Parachute Advanced Aloe Vera Enriched Coconut Hair Oil makes hair stronger, softer and silkier from root to tip.Parachute Advanced Aloe Vera Enriched Coconut Hair Oil Review

Packaging: It comes in a see-through plastic bottle. The bottle has a flip-open cum screw lid. The packaging is sturdy but there is a little leakage fromt he screw portion of the lid. It might be the issue of this particular bottle. The sandard packaging comes with complete ingredient list.

Colour & Consistency: This is a transparent colourless hair oil. The texture is medium; neither very thick like pure coconut oil nor thin like dry oils. It is a type-3 quality hair oil which means it is a blend of natural oil with mineral oil. This oil is not particularly a non-greasy formulation but it is not viscous like castor oil.

Fragrance: It has the signature smell of coconut oil. It also contains added fragrance. The added fragrance is very light, almost not noticable due to strong smell of coconut oil.

Quantity & Price: This oil comes at Rs.75 for 150ml. Two more sizes are also available. The travel-size costs Rs.39 for 75ml and the family size is priced at Rs.120 for 250ml. This is one of the pocket-friendly hair oils in Indian market. I have waist length hair and I use it 2 times a week. The medium size will last 3-4 months in my case. So, the price is justified.  

My Overall Thoughts:

I always check online reviews before trying out any new skin or hair care product. For this aloe vera enriched hair oil I found mixed reactions over the web. It worked wonders for some while others said it did nothing to their hair. Coming to my own experience, it did make a difference to my hair’s nourishment level.

Parachute Advanced Aloe Vera Enriched Coconut Hair Oil is a 50-50 blend of coconut oil and liquid paraffin mixed with aloe extract. Naturally, it is not as thick as pure coconut oil. Still, it is thick enough for heavy oiling. It is not a very light oil like Parachute Jasmine. 

Right now, I am applying it twice a week. I oil my dry hair with it and give myself a relaxing head massage. I keep it on my hair overnight and the next day I wash it off with a shampoo suitable for dry hair. If my hair feels greasy I sometimes use a clarifying shampoo as per the need.

Though I condition my hair afterwards, someone with oily to normal hair might skip the step. I didn’t notice extra hairfall with it. It makes my hair smoother to some extent and manageable. I won’t say there was magical change in my hair’s texture but it is a decent hair oil for deep oiling treatment. 

Rating: 3.5/5

*Written By Sreeparna


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