Nykaa Lotus Flower Tiger Lily Sheet Mask Review

Who is it for? Nykaa Lotus Flower Tiger Lily Sheet Mask  is a freshening face mask for all skin types.Nykaa Lotus Flower Tiger Lily Sheet Mask Review

My Experience with Nykaa Lotus Flower Tiger Lily Sheet Mask

Packaging – The mask comes in a white plastic pouch packaging. It is a one-time use mask so the packaging has no re-seal mechanism. The pack is extremely sleek and leak-proof. It is a travel-friendly pack.

Colour & Texture – The mask sheet is pure-white in colour and made up of very thin cotton like material. It is soaked in colourless serum. The serum has thin consistency and non-oily texture. The mask fits perfectly on my face and the serum feels comfortable.Nykaa Lotus Flower Tiger Lily Sheet Mask Review

Fragrance – It has a light floral fragrance. The fragrance is not at all strong and does not stay very long as well.

Ease of Application – It is a use and throw product. You just need to cut the outer pack, take out the folded mask and spread it evenly over the face and that completes the application.

Detailed pictorial instructions are provided in the back of the pack for beginners.

Effectiveness  – This sheet mask provides a quick moisture boost to the skin. It makes the dry patches of my cheek disappear and the skin plumps up in moisture.

If you are trying to rejuvenate your skin after a tiring day, this one is to go for. But do not expect skin tightening effects as promised in the claims. 

My Experience

Lotus is a great skin care ingredient that has multiple vitamins, fatty acids and minerals. Tiger lily is known for its astringent properties. The combination of these two makes this mask a potent product for moisture retention of the skin.

This certainly is a good mask if you are looking for a rehydrating mask for your face.

Though the brand makes some tall claims about instant skin tightening but this one provides no extraordinary results on this department. For me it is a good mask for rejuvenation but not an anti-ageing mask.

Overall Performance of Nykaa Lotus Flower Tiger Lily Sheet Mask 


1. Brightening sheet mask with tiger lily and lotus extracts

2. Makes skin look supple and radiant

3. Instantly moisturizes dry skin

4. Soothes tired skin and gives a temporary plumping effect

5. Sheet is thin and comfortable

6. Does not cause pimples

7. Paraben free formula


1. Effect is temporary like most sheet masks

2. Contains alcohol

3. No skin tightening as promised

Price- Rs.100 for 20ml (1 Sheet)

Would I Repurchase or Recommend?

Nykaa Lotus Flower Tiger Lily Sheet Mask  is a lightweight mask sheet that I would recommend to all skin type people. It does not tightens the skin as such so I won’t recommend it as an anti-ageing mask but it’s a good mask for rehydrating your skin..


*Written By Sreeparna

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