Nykaa Acai Berry Pomegranate Sheet Mask Review

Who is it for? Nykaa Acai Berry Pomegranate Sheet Mask  is an anti-ageing face mask with vitamin C and antioxidants. This mask is best suited on dry mature skin.

Nykaa Acai Berry Pomegranate Sheet Mask Review

My Experience with Nykaa Acai Berry Pomegranate Sheet Mask

Packaging – The mask comes in a white plastic pouch packaging with pictures of main ingredients acai berry and pomegranate. The packaging is very sleek, sturdy and travel-friendly. The sheet inside is made up of wood pulp so it is biodegradable.

Colour & Texture- The mask sheet is of white colour and made up of very thin cotton like material. It is soaked in colourless serum. The serum has thin consistency which is slightly thicker than water and non-greasy. The mask fits perfectly on my face and the serum feel comfortable.

Fragrance – It has very light fragrance of berries. The smell does not linger long and that is a great thing for sensitive noses.

Ease of Application – Application is easy-peasy for this ready to use mask sheet. You just need to cut the outer pack, take out the folded mask and spread it evenly over the face and that completes the application.

Detailed pictorial instructions are also provided in the back of the pack.

Effectiveness  – This sheet mask provides instant hydration to the skin. It makes the dry patches of my cheek disappear and the skin looks moisturized. It is a relaxing mask that makes my skin look freshened up.

I experienced no magical ‘regenerated skin look’ from this.

My Experience

Anti ageing sheet masks often have thick formula but this is not one of them. It has very comfortable light and non-oily serum. It does not cause any irritation to my skin and no pimples as well. So, it would be a good product for mature skinned people with adult acne issues.

Overall Performance of Nykaa Acai Berry Pomegranate Sheet Mask 


1. Ready to use moisture mask with acai berry and pomegranate extract

2. Does not feel heavy on the skin

3. Instantly moisturizes dry skin

4. Gives a temporary fresh look

5. Sheet is thin and comfortable

6. Gives healthy glow to the skin and rejuvenates tired skin

7. Paraben free formula


1. Provides temporary plumpness only

2. Contains alcohol

3. No magical youthful look to be expected

Price- Rs.100 for 20ml (1 Sheet)

Would I Repurchase or Recommend?

I like moisture masks and acai berry in my skincare so I might buy it again. I would suggest Nykaa Acai Berry Pomegranate Sheet Mask  to people in general with dry skin and someone with premature ageing issues.


*Written By Sreeparna

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