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Village Naturals Iceland

Inspired by fiery volcanos and frozen glaciers, the new Village Naturals Aromatherapy Iceland and India Collections enhances self-care.

The Iceland line is specially formulated to energize and build inner strength. Forms and formulas were inspired by geothermic hot springs, stunning ice formations and the legendary healing benefits of Icelandic Moss.

Each product is packed with nourishing ingredients and a cool citrus fragrance blend with notes of eucalyptus, lemon and moss. From a unique body scrub to a floating volcano with a lightable candle, this collection plays with temperature and light to recharge, renew and awaken the body and mind.

Village Naturals

Iceland Soak ($12.99 for 36oz) – the Iceland Natural Epsom Bath Soak is for those who wish to escape into the bath, away from the noise and stress of modern life, and treat their skin and senses to an exotic voyage. This bath soak instantly bubbles while releasing cool, energizing fragrance and bath water shimmers as rivers of Camelina Oil stream trails of skin-nourishing moisture.

Village Naturals Iceland

Iceland Hot Scrub ($8.99 6 oz. tube). This Self Heating Hot Scrub is inspired by the geothermal hot springs of Iceland and heats instantly upon contact with water. Epsom salt & finely ground pumice exfoliate to remove dull skin while oils and butters work to nourish and nurture for a healthy glow. The scrub provides a good grainy exfoliant and the Jojoba Oil, Shea & Cocoa Butters nourish & moisturize skin so I don’t feel dry. The heat in the scrub
feels SO good on aching muscles!

Village Naturals Iceland

Iceland Body Butter ($9.99 12oz jar). This rich Body Butter contains just a trace amount of delicate, subtle shimmer… like light sunlight on ice. Skin is nourished with Camelina Oil and Icelandic Moss. Crisp, clean fragrance lingers just long enough to keep the energy of Iceland top of mind.

Village Naturals Iceland
Village Naturals Iceland

Iceland Volcano Bomb with Candle $6.99. The Volcano Bath Bomb is for those who bathe to unwind in a transportive, beautiful bath. Inspired by the most volcanic area of the world, this Bath Bomb is custom tooled in the shape of a volcano and topped with a real, lightable candle that continues to float long after the bomb has dissolved. The volcano-shaped Bath Bomb floats spins and has a lightable candle center. This bomb has Camelina Oil which is rich in omega oils to nourish and hydrate skin.

Village Naturals Iceland

Iceland Geode Bath Bomb $5.99. The Iceland Geode Bath Bomb contains gorgeous light-refracting salt crystals nestled in a semi-sphere bath bomb.  

Village Naturals Iceland

All Village Naturals Aromatherapy products are naturally derived, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and contain no phthalates, parabens, MEA, DEA OR TEA. Both collections include Epsom salts, naturally occurring minerals and plant-based ingredients.    

Bottom Line: Experience the powers of Icelandic hot springs with the Village Naturals Iceland Collection! Not only is it the ultimate relaxing experience but it’s easy on the wallet too! Next time I’ll be talking about the warm India Collection! Available exclusively at Target for a limited time!

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