Liril Wake Up Fresh! Cooling Mint Body Wash Review Photos

Liril launched three body washes last summer and this mint body wash was one of them. Let’s hop to the review to see Liril Wake Up Fresh! Cooling Mint Body Wash is worth your money or not.Liril Wake Up Fresh! Cooling Mint Body Wash Review Photos

Body washes are my favourite body care product in summer. A soothing and cooling body wash freshens up the skin and brings a lively vibe to the senses. Citrus based body washes are my best buddies in summer.

I also like cooling menthol based ones. I like gel based body wahses that do not leave creamy residue on skin.

Cream shower gels are best for winters when my skin needs a boost of moisture every now and then. Today I am going to share my views on Liril Wake Up Fresh! Cooling Mint Body Wash. Liril body washes and soaps always lure me when I am at grocery stores.

About Liril Wake Up Fresh! Cooling Mint Body Wash

The ingredients in Liril Wake Up Fresh! Cooling Mint Body Wash gives you a thick lather which lends a sense of freshness after every shower and makes bathing an enjoyable experience.

Liril Bodywash gives you a fragrance which not only lasts whole day long but also keeps your skin healthy, it ensures that your skin gets the best care and stays fresh after every wash.Liril Wake Up Fresh! Cooling Mint Body Wash Review Photos

Packaging: This body wash comes in a transparent plastic bottle with black cap. The sleek and tall bottle looks chic in your shower. It is a sturdy and leak-proof bottle.

Still, I won’t say it’s travel-friendly due to its size. You caneasily open the screw part of the flip-top lid to pour some product out in your travel skin care bottle.

The attractive label graphics need a special mention here. Complete ingredients list is given. From this you can get a idea of what this wash is made up of.

Colour & Consistency: This shower gel is brilliant blue in colour and its texture is medium. It is a low foaming gel based body cleanser. It contains a milder version of sulphate which causes moderate lather.

It does not have any scrub granules. The formula is smooth. The texture reminds me of Himalaya’s Neem face wash. 

Fragrance: It has energizing mint fragrance. The fragrance feels freshening. I love mint fragrance so I use this wash generally on days I am tired and overworked. The fragrance does not linger long just like other body washes.Liril Wake Up Fresh! Cooling Mint Body Wash Review Photos

Quantity & Price: Liril Wake Up Fresh is priced at Rs.180 for 250ml. This is the only size available. This come under Rs.200 which I find good considering the quantity and quality. During online sales the price comes down to around 150.

My Overall Thoughts:

Though my facial skin is combination and acne-prone, my body skin is normal to dry. I haven’t faced body acne issues plus my body skin is not sensitive.

These are the reasons I try and test as many new products as I want. This body wash’s bright blue colour and mint fragrance made me buy it.

I kind of adore gel based body washes and this wash too have become a favourite of mine. It deep cleanseds my skin and gets rid of sweat, dirt and excess oil. My skin feels squeaky clean after using this.

Liril Wake Up Fresh! Cooling Mint Body Wash leaves a light tingly feel to the skin which adds up to its freshening formula. It removes sweaty and foul odour so I use it after workout. This is a great summer body wash but in winter the formula might feel a bit drying. 

Rating: 4.5/5

*Written By Sreeparna


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