Leo Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF July 20 – 2 6, 2020

What lies beneath, Leo? You’ll take an even deeper dive this Monday, July 20, when the year’s ultra-rare second new moon in soulful Cancer powers up your twelfth house of healing, transition and release. This lunar lift is even more potent because it’s the follow-up to the June 21 solar eclipse. What got stirred up then could get triggered once again, inviting you to take a deeper look. There’s nothing light and fluffy about the twelfth house, but these back-to-back new moons will make sure you thoroughly process whatever’s been stuck in your psyche, from shame to grief. Keep supportive people on speed dial because feelings will be very close to the surface and easily triggered. Don’t force yourself to figure it all out though! This is the starting block of a six-month window of healing, which culminates with the December 29 FULL moon in Cancer. Until then, you’ll be peeling back layers and getting more in touch with memories and authentic emotions, not all of them happy or positive. But this will blow off any blocks on your heart and help you let go of any people, behaviors or limiting beliefs that are holding you back. You may finally mourn a loss or feel the full impact of a recent painful situation that you’ve conveniently side stepped. Need some help on your journey? Now may be the time to start working with a therapist, spiritual guide or coach who can play Yoda during these potent next six months.

Keep the meditation cushion handy. When emotions are THIS close to the surface, spirit and the muse tend to hover nearby. You can access those gems of divine inspiration near Monday’s new moon, which is best done in stillness. Carve out quiet space to listen to your thoughts, reflect and introspect. (Journal optional.) But don’t stop there. Get recommendations for meditation apps, YouTube videos and spiritual books, and turn this into a full-on practice. If you find it hard to sit still (at least, at first), try “moving meditations” like yoga or a solo hike through nature.

For the past four weeks, it’s like someone cancelled summer for Leos—and not just because of social distancing and restrictions. Between Mercury retrograde from June 18 to July 12 and all the activity in Cancer and your sleepy twelfth house, you’ve been in “midyear hibernation” mode. Even while spending time with other people, you may have felt like you were floating outside of your body, only “half there.” But the pathway to bliss opens up again this Wednesday, July 22, as the Sun bursts into Leo and kicks off your 2020 birthday season. With your galactic guardian lighting up your first house of adventure and self-expression until August 22, you’ll be back in your element and unstoppable! Got some loose ends dangling? Use this week to power through any final cleanup missions, then charge ahead. With the Festival of Leo underway, find creative ways to dance, eat, and shop your way through the rest of the month. Just make sure you save the receipts!

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