Khadi Naturals Orange & Lemongrass Body Wash Review

I like fruity fragrances in my body care products. That made me buy Khadi Naturals Orange & Lemongrass Body Wash. Khadi’s body wash range is wide. I have used their sandal variant and lavender variant in the past. Let’s get to the review to see if this orange body wash could impress me or not!Khadi Naturals Orange & Lemongrass Body Wash Review

When I am out of aloe vera gel, I grab my regular body wash for shaving my hands and legs. To me, body washes are freshening escape from summer heat so I buy at least 2-3 different brand varieties while doing the summer skin care shopping.

A relaxing shower is one of the best summer experience and nothing can replace the fresh feeling that a fragrant body wash produces. Body washes are a must in my shower routine. I not only use them to keep my body clean but also for doing hand a foot spa at home.

About Khadi Naturals Orange & Lemongrass Body Wash

Khadi Naturals Orange & Lemongrass Body Wash is a paraben and SLS free, no mineral oil herbal body wash that keeps you refreshed and smelling great all day long. It removes impurities & dirt from the skin and provides the benefits of Vitamin C.

Wash away the impurities from the skin and refresh refresh your senses with the light orange scent with lemongrass extracts.Khadi Naturals Orange & Lemongrass Body Wash Review

Packaging: Khadi Naturals Orange & Lemongrass Body Wash comes in a transparent plastic bottle with black flip-open plus screw open lid. Each and every Khadi product comes in similar packaging.

There is nothing much to say regarding this standard packaging. It is simple, sturdy and also travel-friendly. To make this bottle leak proof, the brand adds a stopper in the opening.

Colour & Consistency: This is a gel body wash. It has vibrant orange colour and the texture is transparent. The brand hasn’t mentioned the inactive ingredients anywhere in the pack. So there is no way to detect if it has sulphates or not.

The wash creates moderate lather. It does not waste much water and does not leave sticky creamy residue on the skin. This is a purifying bosy wash gel.Khadi Naturals Orange & Lemongrass Body Wash Review

Fragrance: Everyone looks for a good fragrance when it comes to body washes. This one has energizing yet sweet orange fragrance. The smell reminds me of orange candies and obviously the orange flavoured soda pops.

There are a slight hint of lemongrass fragrance but not the strong medicinal smell. The smell lasts for 10 minutes or so after rinsing and then vanishes leaving no trace.

Quantity & Price: This shower gel comes at Rs.130 for 210ml. Price is good for the quantity Khadi provides. This one bottle will definitely last 2-3 months if you use it alone. This is the only size available for this body wash.

You can’t buy the small size for trial purpose. Khadi often runs 20-25% discount on their products. If you wait for a good offer you may buy this around 120 bucks.Khadi Naturals Orange & Lemongrass Body Wash Review

My Overall Thoughts:

I have certain particularities when I choose a body wash for me. I love gel based body washes that purifies skin without drying. This body wash is something like that. It gets rid of dirt, sweat foul odour without overly drying my skin.

Khadi Naturals Orange & Lemongrass Body Wash also works equally well when I use them in my hand and foot soak for home spa. It is also a good product to use while shaving. It creates enough slip for my razor to glide through. I love orange fragrances that have refreshing zesty side to it.

Sadly, this one comes with sweet orange fragrance. This is a clarifying wash so it works great in summer. You might need a heavy moisturizer after it in winter. The formula does not clog the skin pores and cause body acne.

Rating: 4/5

*Written By Sreeparna


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