Himalaya Natural Shine Henna Review Photos Price

I was planning to buy another brand but this new henna pouches looked too pretty to leave. I wanted to stock up on henna for two applications so I bought two packs. Here’s my review on Himalaya Natural Shine Henna.Himalaya Natural Shine Henna Review Photos Price

About Himalaya Natural Shine Henna

Himalaya Natural Shine Henna is a unique blend made with the purest quality of Rajasthani henna. This henna, enriched with bhringraj, amla and curry leaves, gives you intense conditioning and rich natural hair color. Fortified with nine unique herbs, this henna helps provide dark, lustrous, soft, shiny, and manageable hair.


1. 100% natural henna leaf powder to give natural colouring to your hair

2. Enriched with nine unique herbs that provide intense conditioning and rich hair color

3. Provides natural coverage to grey hair with the help of herbal leaf powders

4. Promotes dark lustrous silky, glossy and manageable hair

5. Fights premature greying and gives long lasting color

6. Works as a safe alternative to chemical hair dyes

Himalaya Natural Shine Henna Review Photos Price

Packaging: This henna comes in a deep green matte plastic pouch. The pouch has no reseal mechanism so the product inside should be used in one go. Otherwise the effectiveness might reduce. So, I opted for two smaller packs rather than one big pouch. The henna pouches are tightly sealed so there is no chance of leakage.

It is a travel-friendly pack. But, I don’t like to apply henna during my travels so that part is not so important for me. The pack mentions all the ingredients and usage instructions in detail which I find very useful. 

Colour & Consistency: Himalaya Henna powder is a finely milled powder. It looks muddy brown. The powder does not have any gritty particle. It is a ready made powder pack. You need only warm water to prepare the pack. It already has tea powder, so tea liquor is not needed. It gives a light tint to the hair. You won’t get the deep tint like articially coloured henna powders.

Fragrance: It has a typical herbal smell that most store-bought henna powders have. There is no added fragrance to it. The henna smell does not go off as you wash the pack from hair. It takes another wash to get off from the hair.Himalaya Natural Shine Henna Review Photos Price

Quantity & Price: This is one of the most fairly priced henna powders in the market. It costa Rs.15 only for a 25gm pack. It also has bigger packs containing 50gm and 120gm product. The 50gm one comes for Rs.35 and the 120gm one costs Rs75. The price of this henna makes it an affordable choice for those who like to use henna frequently for both conditioning and grey coverage.

My Overall Thoughts:

I use henna fpr conditioning purpose only. I don’t have grey hair, so colour and grey coverage is not what I am looking for. That’s why, I like to enhance the pack with a few more items, though the usage directions in the pack mentions only water to prepare the pack. 

I add required amount of water to make a moderately thick paste. I let it sit for 2-3 hours. Then I add 2 tablespoons of sour curd, 1 tablespoon aloe vera gel and 1 tablespoon honey just before applying it to the hair. I create a henna bun with it and let the goodness of the pack soak into the scalp for 2 hours.

Then I wash it off with a mild shampoo and condition properly. I don’t skip the shampoo part as I don’t want colour. I want to cleanse the scalp thoroughly. Henna tends to dry out the hair strands so I always put ample amount of conditioner. I do henna once in 3 months otherwise my hair gets dry. 

This Himalaya henna gets rid scalp itching in one go and the hair looked voluminous. It also brings shine to the hair. It gives slightly orangish tints that most rajasthani hennas provide. For grey coverage longer wait time will be needed. The results have been good so I will be purchasing this pocket friendly henna again.

Rating: 5/5

*Written By Sreeparna


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