Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF March 16 – 2 2, 2020

Spring is officially here, starting this Thursday, March 19, but with the Sun simmering in Aries and your domestic fourth house, you may want to file a one-month extension for your personal hibernation season. Until April 19, all those household matters that stalled during externally-focused Pisces season (in your third house of local events) come front and center. Off with the rose-colored glasses, on with the latex gloves! The only bunnies you want to see are the ones hopping around through the yard, not the dusty ones collecting behind every piece of furniture at Chateau Goat. Bliss out by decluttering, renovating and reconfiguring your space to align with your current lifestyle. If you’re not happy with your living situation or need to get a roommate onboard with tidiness and chores, don’t stress over what to say; just sit ’em down and have The Talk. You won’t have patience for people’s irritating habits or inconsiderate behavior. Been mulling a move? Ramp up your search efforts and set up those Redfin alerts! You could “home in on” your dream domicile within four weeks. As a traditional Capricorn, family is probably an important part of your life, and this coming month is a stellar time to show (not tell) how much you appreciate everything they do for you. If you’ve been on the outs with someone in your inner circle, extend the olive branch and wipe the slate clean—provided they haven’t crossed a line or added insult to injury in the interim.

But forget about hiding out on Friday! Go-getter Mars and beneficent Jupiter host a rare meetup in Capricorn—something that hasn’t happened since 1984! If ever there were a day to pursue a grand vision, this would be it. You can harness this zeal all week, in fact; but Friday is when the two planets make an exact connection. To hit the mark, you’ll need to take a risk and summon your competitive spirit. Jupiter is the global adventurer and opportunity could come from another part of the world or involve traveling or corresponding with people from another nationality. This could be the week where you see your name on the marquee or get discovered by some seriously influential people. Help out the cause by marketing yourself, too. You have planetary permission to brag, promote and share all that you have to offer. A bold move might find you leaping up the ladder into a prominent leadership position. With lusty Mars getting egged on by “say anything” Jupiter, a bold confession may blow open the doors to a new relationship adventure!

Saturday brings another cause for celebration! For the first time since December 19, 2017, your ruler, stern disciplinarian Saturn, will leave your sign and take the heat off your life. If any sign knows how to navigate Saturn’s boot-camp workout, it’s you, Capricorn. But still…it’s going to be a HUGE relief to NOT have the ringed taskmaster on your back 24/7. Until July 1, Saturn darts into Aquarius and your second house of financial foundations, then pops back into Capricorn for one last hurrah before moving on (for 29.5 years!) for good. With the focus on your second house of stability, finances and practical planning for the next three years (until March 7, 2023), ask yourself this: How can I monetize the lessons of the past three years? You might even work with a consultant or coach to learn the finer points of a new industry, or get yourself up to date in your existing field. There won’t be a ton of wiggle room for excess during this Saturn cycle, but you could learn the importance of buying less—and only purchasing high quality items that stand the test of time when you DO indulge. Luxury is in your DNA, Capricorn, so let your inner curator have fun with the “field research” before you make your selections.

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