Cancer Daily Horoscope

April 5, 2020

The urge to merge—and connect—will be strong Saturday, but not everyone will be an open book. Under what should be a supportive mashup of amorous Venus (in your introspective twelfth house) and commitment-minded Saturn in your intimate eighth, your efforts to get closer to someone might go sideways. It’s hard for your sensitive sign to NOT take things personally, but in this “new abnormal,” we have to stay as adaptable and strong as possible. If you need to express something emotional, find a way to do so directly but gently. It’s hard to know what’s going on in other people’s hearts and minds. On Sunday, reach out to someone you always click with. Feedback is important now, and the more consistent you are in your efforts, the stronger the connection will stay. Under an empowering alignment of the moon and revolutionary Uranus in your social sectors, find it in your heart to accept people where they are right now even as you’re doing YOUR best to stay positive and involved with your community.

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