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Relax and reflect, Aquarius. We know your nomadic sign has spent WAY too much time at home these past couple months. (Get me outta this place!) But the first three weeks of May are, perhaps inconveniently, the most domestic time of year for your sign. With the Sun traveling through Taurus and your fourth house of family and hearth, there’s a settled energy afoot. Even if distancing rules relax in your area, you’re ready for an extreme makeover of Chateau Aquarius or to give your roost a boost. And if you haven’t been able to see certain loved ones in a while, here’s hoping Taurus season brings safe conditions to reconnect.

Whether or not cabin fever’s an issue for you, Taurus time helps you firm up your foundations—emotional, financial and material. How secure do you feel in the world, Aquarius? We know that’s a strange question to ask in the midst of an unresolved global pandemic. But try a gut check: Do you feel like you’ll be okay no matter what happens? Or are you facing certain dependencies (for money or shelter, for example) without a backup plan? Even if much of the world is in the same boat, that doesn’t mean you’ll be comfortable in flux. Only you can decide how much uncertainty you can tolerate now, Aquarius.

Fortunately, the May 7 Scorpio full moon beams into your tenth house of career, leadership and long-term plans. You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and make a master plan. A project you’ve been working on for the past six months could reach a moment of manifestation, giving you something to celebrate. You might just hit your goal, even in these extreme conditions. Congratulate yourself, Aquarius! This full moon could bring a career transition: Is it time to go back to work…or to make a professional pivot? In some cases, there could be news of cutbacks or furloughs in your company. To stay on the safe side, keep your resume or portfolio up to date.

You’ll be glad you took time to prioritize because on May 11, retrograde high season begins. Three planets—structured Saturn, amorous Venus and expansive Jupiter—will begin their backspins, which could slow down or snag anything under their jurisdiction. While news of a retrograde can be unsettling, many people don’t realize that the slow-moving outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are retrograde for four to five months every year.

The first planet to turn retrograde is structured Saturn, the guardian of maturity and responsibility. The ringed taskmaster will backspin through Aquarius from March 11 to July 1, then it will spend the rest of its retrograde (until September 29) in Capricorn and your twelfth house of closure and healing. Your first assignment will be to get clear you on priorities. What matters to YOU, Aquarius—not to your friends, coworkers, society…just you?

With staunch Saturn in your first house of self, there’s no more hiding your light behind other people’s big personalities—or dodging responsibility by being nice, clever or cute. Saturn’s marching orders: Cut the people-pleasing, stat! The disciplined planet entered your zodiac sign on March 21, its first trip through Aquarius since 1991-1994. It makes a brief pit stop here through July 1, then returns for a longer run on December 17, 2020, staying through March 2023.

You’ve got three years of major growth and self-discovery ahead, and the lessons won’t all be easy. They are, however, essential. Don’t shy away from anything (or anyone) that challenges the way you present and conduct yourself in the world, Aquarius. Saturn retrograde is your invitation to question everything—and to tear down and rebuild from scratch in any area that no longer feels like “you.” If you’re old enough, look back to your life in the early 1990s. Themes from that time could crop up again. Perhaps there’s an old part of yourself worth reviving!

Your love life comes under scrutiny when amorous Venus joins the retrograde brigade from May 13 to June 25, rearing through Gemini and your fifth house of passion and creativity. Warning: This could be a spring fever buzzkill. Passion could cool or romance could go awry if you’re not careful—and the strain of the quarantine hardly helps. During this six-week cycle, which happens every 18 months, the whole world is asked to reevaluate what true love looks like for us. Certainly NOT like the scenario that 2020 has presented, that’s for sure!

How does your current relationship (or lack thereof) match up to that gleaming vision? Use this time to evaluate what’s going well and where there’s room for improvement. Since retrogrades can bring back the past, you could hear from an ex or reach out and ping an old flame yourself. Old dramas can flare up easily, along with your temper, so go the extra mile to be patient.

During Venus retrograde, our normal stores of diplomacy and compassion go AWOL. Did you abandon a creative project that still has potential? The muse could pop in for a sitting. Instead of scrolling through an ex’s feeds or fighting with your partner, dive back into that artistic endeavor!

You’ll have even more reason to do that when expansive Jupiter turns retrograde in Capricorn on May 14, backing through your imaginative and flowy twelfth house until September 12. This is truly a time to power down and rest—to NOT force things or swim upstream. Jupiter is wrapping up a long 12-year cycle, getting ready to kick-start a new one when it enters YOUR sign this December 19.

Until then, Jupiter will be supersizing your zone of endings and transitions, prodding you to look where your life might benefit from some closure. Do you have people to forgive? Projects to wrap? Behaviors and patterns that no longer serve you? Address all of that now before you barrel ahead into anything new.

Once Saturn joins Jupiter in Capricorn on July 1, you may get really serious about doing some inner work. With masterful Saturn and philosophical Jupiter teamed up—even in retrograde—you may pursue certification in a creative or spiritual field. All the better if it’s one you never got around to finishing, like a yoga teacher training, for example.

It might take until nearly 2021 to really figure things out, but as you’ve probably realized, cultivating patience is THE universal lesson of this year. Persistence is the other part of the equation for you. Instead of running away from your feelings or fears, team up with a supportive coach, therapist or guide and dive in even deeper.

Joy makes a comeback (thankfully) starting May 20, when the Sun shifts into Gemini and your festive, frisky fifth house for a month. Now’s the time to come out and share your bold, colorful personality again! Venus is still retrograde in Gemini, but hopefully you can find a way to express your desires and have them (safely) fulfilled.

Celebration is in the air on May 22 when the annual Gemini new moon lights a spark in your romance sector that will fan the flames of attraction, culminating at the November 30 Gemini lunar (full moon) eclipse. This powerful six-month cycle could ignite a major romance, even if there are a few obstacles to work around.


Sometimes life isn’t fair, and this might be one of those months. Venus is on an extended run (April 3 to August 7) through Gemini and your fifth house of romance and passion. The cruel irony: At precisely the time when you’d be getting your flirt on and parading your new seasonal wardrobe, there’s nowhere IRL to peacock as you please.

On top of that, lusty Mars is blazing through your sign—something that only happens every two years—from March 30 to May 12. If you’re feeling breaking every “keep your hands to yourself” mandates, we’d hardly blame you. Frustration nation!

And then Venus will be retrograde from May 13 to June 25, which could keep your brilliant feathers tucked away or make it a little harder to show them off. This tricky transit that could put further strain on your love life. The planet d’amour turns retrograde for about six weeks every 18 months, a challenging time for relationships. Couples fight more, and resentments can linger. The headlines are dotted with celebrity breakup stories. Our normal reserves of patience and diplomacy go MIA. Since retrogrades can bring back the past, you might hear from an ex or two, or experience the resurgence of an issue you thought was resolved.

Use this time to review your dating habits, take inventory of your love life and to do some socially distant flirting if need be. With stoic Saturn retrograde in Aquarius from May 11 to July 1, the need to self-reflect could grow stronger. Then, with Jupiter retrograde in your twelfth house of fantasy from May 14 to September 12, you’ll be even wiser to take a step back from confusing or unnecessarily complicated situations. While it hardly sounds like fun, this could be a fruitful time to take inventory of your whole love life.

Pampering yourself is also essential—however you can. Mars will be traipsing through Pisces and your house of luxury and material pleasures from May 12 to June 27. A few tasteful touches that last for longer than immediate gratification can make the waiting and uncertainty feel less excruciating. Couples may fight about money or shared working space, but don’t let the tension tear you apart. Team up and devise savvy solutions as a duo.

Key Dates:
May 3: Venus-Neptune square

Amorous Venus is at odds with dreamy Neptune, blurring the line between fantasy and reality. Let yourself revel in the reveries. Just leave a trail of breadcrumbs so you know how to get back. This transit will repeat again on May 20 when Venus is retrograde. If you’ve swept something important under the proverbial Persian rug, you’ll certainly find out by then.


Your career and money horoscope will be available on May 1.

Key Dates:
May 9: Mercury-Pluto trine

Dial down distractions and tap into your intuition today. Under a cooperative mashup of mental Mercury and deep-diving Pluto, important messages can flood in. Quiet your spinning thoughts with a guided meditation and you’ll gain clarity on an outstanding issue. Your dreams can also be revealing. Wind down early, turn off your phone, and let your subconscious have its say.

Love Days: 22, 28
Money Days: 7, 15
Luck Days: 5, 13
Off Days: 25, 3, 11

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